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Electric Actuators

 Electric actuators
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Electric actuators

IBL-1700 series are reversing proportional motors used to operate dampers or valves in Electric Modulating Circuits. Electric actuators are designed to meet the requirement of damper control, valve control applications where it is generally required to drive the load through less than one complete revolution either direction and to stop instantaneously at any point of the stroke. Such devices, sometimes also called as Modulating Motors are extensively used for Air-Conditioning, Boiler applications.


1.These are with line voltage or low voltage motors.

2.Stroke is fixed at 900, 1600, or 2700 and is also field adjustable.

3.Models for two-position (ON-OFF) control, fitted with feed back potentiometer and proportional control in conjunction with extend control can be supplied.

4.Rated for -400C to 550C.

5.Available with internal cam adjusted auxiliary switches.


Actuator type IBL-1700 consists of a reversible servomotor connected to the output shaft of the device through a series of precision hobbed gears. The gear train is sealed with high grade and high temperature stable grease, thereby ensuring permanent lubrication. Cam operated limit switches stop rotation of the output shaft at predetermined CW and CCW limit of travel. The stroke angle is factory set but can also be altered in field. Thus, by supplying power at the proper terminals, the output shaft can be positioned anywhere within the set stroke angle.

The actuator type IBL-1700-1701 is similar to IBL-1700-1700 in all respect, but has an additional in built feedback potentiometer. Also an auxiliary cam operated micro switch can be fitted internally in both the types, as an optional feature for ON-OFF control of pumps, fans etc.


Supply Voltage: AC, Single Phase, 230V, 50Hz.
Power Consumption:20 Watts.
Stroke:Factory set at 900, 1600 or 2700. (Field adjustment in steps of 30 is possible).
Stroke:Auxiliary Switch (Optional): 2.5A, 250V, 50Hz, NO or NC. (Operated at only one fixed point).
Feedback Potentiometer: 135Ω standard matched to stroke angle of either 900, 1600 or 2700. (The maximum permitted power dissipation for feedback potentiometer is 1W for 900, 1.5W for 1600, and 2W for 2700 stroke angle).
Torque-Speed capabilities:Total gear ratio is adjusted at factory to obtain the following combination of torque and speed:

Full Load Torque (Kg-cm)No Load Speed (RPM)Full Load Speed (RPM)
170 0.25 0.2
51 0.85 0.65
17 2.5 2.0


The weight of the actuator including the feed back potentiometer is 3.7Kg with 0.3Kg. The mechanical specifications are same for all types of DECs.

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AD-DC Power supply 0-25V
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AD-DC Power supply 0-25V

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