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GSM Mobile Communication System Experiment Kit

GSM Mobile Communication System Experiment Kit
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GSM Mobile Communication System Experiment Kit

Product Features

GSM mobile communication system experiment kit is tightly close to such teaching syllabus as Mobile Communication and etc, experiment contents are abundant, which could fully meet the teaching requirements of such course as mobile communication on communication’s major among colleges and universities.

  1. The experiment kit combines with theoretical teaching of Mobile Communication course, reference GSM standard, according to the protocol, it vividly reappears the basic process of mobile station and base station interaction through simulating a base station, among which it has three-layer protocol of GSM communication, and it is probably to analyze such processes as mobile phone network access, pick up, dial, ringing, hang up through logic analyzer during the interaction process of experiment kit (base station) and mobile phone in experiment kit.
  2. The experiment kit has key technology demonstration and experiment of mobile communication, as well as mobile station access, mobile station call, base station call, power control, double computer network full duplex speech communication system experiment, and etc, in addition, it could observe other working state on access computer interface screen of experiment kit.
  3. The experiment kit could realize three kinds of wireless standards, such as GSM900, E-GSM and DCS1800. The three wireless standards could automatically switch and network switch. The experiment kit has its own operation number, therefore it will not exist the problem of charging after mobile phone network access, in addition, users would not be restricted by time and expenses in processing experiments and scientific research.
  4. It adopts eight-channel time division multiple access (TDMA) communication technology of frequency division duplex (FDD), 270.833Kbit/s Gaussian minimum shift keying (GMSK) modulation mode and balanced demodulation technology. It could observe experiment waveform and communication data with oscilloscope and logic analyzer.
  5. It adopts DSP, FPGA and many kinds of advanced information treatment method to design and realize GSM air interface three-layer protocol, which we process independent intellectual property rights. The product filled the blank of GSM testing aspects for the domestic in 2002, and State Information Department has given operational number of the system: 00101(00101 has the same meaning with China Mobile and China Unicom)
  6. It realizes the control of emission power that could reach better transmission quality under the condition of unnecessary for the maximum emission power, which can reduce emission power and thus reduce interference to other communications and harm to people from radio frequency to the minimum, therefore it is suitable for users to make experiments and study on the structure of GSM communication system for a long time.
  7. It adopts plexiglass buffle for protection

Performance Parameters

(1) AC, DC power supply
Input: AC 220V±10%
Output: DC ±12V±10%, +5V±5%

(2)Clock output
Frequency output: 13MHz Frequency output accuracy: ≦±2Hz Output stability: ±0.1ppm (0~70℃)

(3)Radio frequency output
Power output range: -110dbm~-50dbm Spectrum: in accordance with GSM protocol

(4)Radio frequency input
Power input range: power level 5~19 (+33dbm~+5dbm) Spectrum: in accordance with GSM protocol (5)Experiment kit host specification: 53cm×37cm×13cm

Experiment Contents

  1. Experiment kit structure and man-machine interface experiment
  2. Orthogonal modulation and demodulation experiment
  3. GMSK modulation and demodulation experiment
  4. Spectrum analysis principle and experiment
  5. Basic coding and decoding method experiment
  6. Channel coding method experiment in GSM system
  7. Interleave and deinterleave experiment
  8. FDD, TDMA principle and experiment
  9. Mobile station network access experiment
  10. Mobile station call experiment
  11. Mobile station called experiment
  12. Mobile station technology index and test experiment

IV. Specification







GSM Mobile Communication System Experiment Kit




Device Specification: 1. 100M digital storage oscilloscope 2.16 channels, 10MHZ logical analyzer(optional) 3.2GHZ spectrum analyzer(optional)



Note: Instruments above can be self-purchased or by us.

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