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Motorized Potentiometer

 Motorized Potentiometer
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Motorized Potentiometer

The Motorized Potentiometer is used in Control Systems to apply a command variable to an automatic control equipment in the form of a variable reference input or set point signal. The unit can be operated remotely with the aid of push buttons. Two push buttons are used, one for "Run-up" and the other for "Run-down". Run-up and run-down times can be different depending on the application and can also be adjusted by means of the control knobs located on the front plate.


The motorized potentiometer consists of basically a geared servo motor and a 10 turn potentiometer. These potentiometers have many special features like high resolution and linearity, reliable terminations, smooth performance, and long life. The motor and the potentiometer are coupled with suitable high precision gears. Limit switches are provided to cut off motor supply when the potentiometer wiper arm reaches either ends. By selecting different gear boxes for the motors, it is possible to have different run-up & down times setting varying from 10 to 300 sec. Single turn 1K, 1W potentiometers mounted with control knobs on the front plate are for varying the speed, one for run-up and another for run-down.


Supply voltage110V, 230V AC, 50Hz, 1Φ
24V, 110V, 220V DC
Potentiometer10 Turns Wire Wound 2/4/6 W, 200Ω to 100kΩ, Tolerance 5%, Linearity 0.25%.
Angle of rotationMinimum 35000 for 10 turns
Travel Time for 10 turns6-60 Sec or 20-200 Sec.
Resistance at minimum positionLess than 2% of Nominal Value of the potentiometer
Manual operationManual control knob on the front plate with 10 turn dial indication.
Additional contact switch terminals for external usea. 2Amps at 240V AC rating potential free change over contact for maximum and minimum position.
b. One "No-Contact" each for indication of maximum and minimum position.
Out line dimensionsa. Wall mounting: Height 125mm, Width 170mm, Depth 200mm.
b. Panel mounting: Square 96x96mm, Depth 225mm.

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Conductivity Meter, 10 Level
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Conductivity Meter, 10 Level (LSE)

Visually compare conductivity between different solutions. The green LED is numbered from 1-10 and will light up as the probes are dipped into solutions of salts or acids.

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